Adam Bjorn explains pari-mutuel wagers in horserace gambling

There are a number of ways gamblers can play to win at the races. Some of the most common, particularly in the UK and Australia, are betting against the house for a gambler’s favorite horse to win, place or show, or through a combination of options. However, bettors don’t always have to play against the [...]

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Adam Bjorn discusses the importance of the new Safety and Integrity Act for horse racing

The Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA) was just presented in September, and could possibly be the most significant authoritative accomplishment for horse racing since the Interstate Horseracing Act of 1978, which was passed to control interstate betting and prepare for simulcasting and record betting across state lines. The goal is to improve thoroughbred racing, [...]

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Adam Bjorn offers a beginner’s guide to gambling on horse races

When done sensibly, wagering on horse races can give a significant rush and adds to the general prosperity of the game, given the revenue created by track operators and by web-based betting firms returns into the game. In this digital age, the devices are all there to assist you with wagering all the more expertly [...]

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Adam Bjorn describes the different types of bets commonly found in horse race gambling

It’s likely that everyone knows that you can wager on the winner of a horse race. However, there is really a wide range of horse racing bets to consider, as well. Those that aren’t familiar with these are likely passing up some incredible wagering opportunities. Adam Bjorn, a gambling industry executive and horse race expert, [...]

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Adam Bjorn discussing why fixed odds gambling is good for the horse racing industry

Monmouth Park's record all-source handle of $20.5 million from the July 18 Haskell Stakes this year, in spite of the fact that only 3,500 fans were allowed to attend, represents a rising dynamic between the horse racing and sportsbooks. On one level, Internet-based gamblers have assisted with supporting the horse racing industry this year. They [...]

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Adam Bjorn discusses the different types of exotic bets available on horse races

Everybody realizes that you can wager on the champ of a horse race. However, there is really a wide range of bets, such as so-called exotic bets, available that many don’t pay attention to. By ignoring these, bettors pass up some incredible wagering open possibilities. Adam Bjorn, a gambling executive and horse racing export, breaks [...]

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Adam Bjorn discusses the best horseracing betting strategies to always emerge a winner

Regardless of whether you're new to sports wagering or are already a betting ace, there is always room for improvement. A small number of sports bettors just engage in horse gambling during the Triple Crown races; however, the amount of cash bet on horse races every year indicates there are "regulars" who wager races all [...]

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Adam Bjorn discusses the importance of digital marketing in casino development

Digital marketing isn't only a strategy used to drive sales and produce higher revenue. Numerous organizations, including casinos, use it to interface with visitors and make a domain that improves brand devotion. More than ever, digital marketing is a vital component of any successful marketing plan in the gambling industry, and longtime gaming industry expert [...]

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Adam Bjorn discusses the importance of the user experience in online gaming operations

Each individual who appreciates web-based gambling will surely admit that half of his or her pleasure originates from an extraordinary client experience (UX). A decent game is only one piece of that condition; as betting sites develop, they carry new and new highlights to make gaming additionally intriguing. Their essential concern ought to be the [...]

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Adam Bjorn offers expert advice on developing a robust casino fraud detection program

Maintaining a strategic distance from the misfortunes that bring about instances of fraud in a business doesn't involve karma or favorable luck. Key fraud counteraction projects, techniques and procedures structure the bleeding edge of a proper fraud defense structure by distinguishing and filling holes before misfortunes occur. Adam Bjorn, a seasoned gambling industry executive and [...]

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